A few dates and plans

A have a few quick notes of planning applications and dates I have been asked to publicise.  I will be gone soon so this is going to be one of my last sets of notes.  Will try to put something exciting after that though………………………………



Metropolis Motorcycles, 150-152 Trafagar Road (the old Woolworths shop) have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol against the Council’s refusal to let them pull it down and build flats. (info Linda.Warwick@greenwich.gov.uk)

Plot M0303 Greenwich Peninsula. Pinnacle Power temporary energy centre, boiler and offices.  (info Louise.Thayre@greenwich.gov.uk)

Lovells, Granite, Badock etc. Wharves Pelton Road. Revised Planning application. Lots of details, huge application. (info Louise.Thayre@greenwich.gov.uk)

Plots M0318 and M319 Millennium Way. Greenwich Council application for temporary primary school (info Samantha.Moreira@greenwich.gov.uk)

203a Trafalgar Road. new third storey. (info Kemi.Erifevieme@greenwich.gov.uk)

Alcatel-Lucent, Christchurch way.  Doing up the factory and building 272 homes and new energy centre (info Louise.thayre@greenwich.gov.uk)

St.Joseph’s Community Centre, Pelton Road. demolition and conversion to housing.



16th Frog Day at Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park.


6 Charlton Community Gardens. Annual General Meeting 2.30 Charlton Station (?? that’s what it says)





Council needs names for roads and flats

I know I have asked this before – but once again the Council is looking for suggestions for new names for new roads and blocks of flats.

There are a few rules – for instance: they can’t be names of people still alive. they can’t be words easily misunderstood or similar to rude words or easily changed by graffiti or whatever,   and they mustn’t be duplicates or similar to existing road names.  They ought to have some context to the local area – and suggestions need to be accompanied with a reason why they would be good or relevant.

Either post suggestions here or send them to Senior Street Naming & Numbering Officer – Legal Searches GIS Information Team – Searches / SNN, Royal Borough of Greenwich  020 8921 5460 *   Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, London SE18 6HQ

I also see that this morning another local blogger has raised the subject – http://forum.greenwich.co.uk/threads/whats-in-a-name-fenton-parade.225/#post-934/


How to be busy on 19th Feb

Lovells Wharf  Public Exhibition – at The Forum@Greenwich, Trafalgar Road – Wednesday 19th February 3 – 7 pm  and Thursday 20th February 3 – 8 pm.  This is to show revised plans for the scheme following refusal of the previous planning application by the Council.  For more info lovellswharf@londoncommunications.co.uk

Get set for Spring – Avant Gardening for Fun – Wednesday 19th- 21st February  -The Bridge, East Greenwich Pleasaunce, SE10 1-4 daily

Come and talk to the Police Commissioner  – Charlton House,  19th February  6.30


Heritage being junked – more flats being built – pavement tax consultation

Planning Board meeting 17th February. Woolwich Town Hall – 6.30 – on the agenda are:  1. application for block of 139 flats  2. application for mixed use block and some non-residential space  3. Block of 224 flats  and 4. block of 268 flats plus refurbishment and community space on the old power station jetty.

Enderby Wharf  – the wharf is now partly demolished and will soon all be gone. This is an extremely important site historically. A resident has written to me : The cables that  connect the world were made from the mid-19th C until late 20th century were made – so carried all news, all information from 1850s onwards. As important  to the connected world as, say, Bletchley Park was to computers, or Henry Ford’s Dearborn was to cars or Abraham Darby’s blast furnaces were to iron production right at the start of the industrial revolution. Much more ignored, though. and form a ‘friends of Enderby Wharf/ Telcon/ whatever’ gang and raise hell. We need to get a few interested parties making rumbles with the site owners and English Heritage and anyone else who will listen. We need to put together a quick briefing on why this site is so important to our history — not just Greenwich history, but London, the UK and the world. It’s as important to Greenwich as the Royal Observatory, and as important to our modern industrial history as Stephenson’s Rocket. Oh, and the Science Museum is to open a new communications gallery in September: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/about_us/masterplan/information_age.aspx Funded by BT, ARM, Google, Cambridge Wireless and a few other worthies. Should be deep embarrassment if just as they open that the place where so much was actually done is bulldozed by the property developers. 

Ok – so it is being pretty much bulldozed – some residents are trying hard to do something – we need to get you all together – if you are interested in getting something done, if possible, on this important site – let me know. Hope to have a meeting within a week to see what is possible.
Street Trading Licences.  The Council’s consultation on the so called ‘Pavement Tax’ is out.  You can find it on the Council web site (with difficulty) at https://consultations.greenwich.gov.uk/kms/dmart.aspx?LoggingIn=tempVar&noip=1     Please remember to look at it and send it in – no point in just moaning about it – do it!!!

Cycle Parking on the Flamstead Estate.  Bike Lockers are to be installed.  More info is available but detailed proposals await definite site locations.

Planning applications:

48 Bellott Street – conversion of existing shed in the back garden into habitable space. Info Kemi.Erifevieme@greenwich.gov.uk

Cutty Sark Pub, 4-6 Ballast Quay – construction of single storey extension for kitchen extract duct to replace unlawful system. Info  Mark.Mirams@greenwich.gov.uk  (there is also an enforcement appeal from Young’s Brewery on this – info Linda.Warwick@greenwich.gov.uk)

Land at Enderby Wharf, construction of temporary marketing suite – Info Louise.Thayre@greenwich.gov.uk

Some events

14th February Pistachios in the Park (East Greenwich Pleasaunce) Pop Up Supper Club  Valentines Night Dinner. (elizabethkcooper@Hotmail.co.uk for £30 each tickets).  (Oh, that I had someone to go with!!)

10th March 19.30 Tramshed Woolwich.  The Future of Health Care in Greenwich with Labour front bench speakers.

Bad news on Bugsby, some news on air pollution

Council Scrutiny panel last night discussed air pollution with the officers who deal with it on a daily basis.  Their presentation and accompanying papers can be found on the Council web site at  http://committees.greenwich.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=146&MId=3190  (its the item that comes right after the minutes).   Hope to give more details on this later – but it is a big pity that concerned members of the public don’t turn up to these.  I appreciate that the whole committee system is complex and its a pity more notice isn’t given of these meetings – but persistence with the Council web site can be rewarding.

Bugsby’s Reach – readers will recall that sometime ago I reported that I had been told that the PLA had been asked to rename Bugsby’s Reach to Waterman’s Reach.  The Reach is the bit of river around the Peninsula down to Charlton and it has been called after the mysterious Bugsby ever since the early 18th century.      When I asked Council officers if Greenwich had been asked for their views on this they told me (twice) that they had not been asked.   I understand now that this was not the case and that Greenwich had in fact told PLA there were no objections.  They have told me now that PLA will itself do a consultation – but this is likely to be very limited. If you feel strongly about this I advise you get in touch with the Port of London Authority NOW.  I was given the name of Allistair Gale to contact Alistair.gale@pla.co.uk.  (I have written but no reply – there does seem to be some confusion there on the spelling of his name and I will try to get that checked out).

Charlton Rail Users Group.  Open meeting 4th February 7 pm Charlton Liberal Club, Charlton Church Lane. – they want to discuss – a campaign for a peak hour service to Charing Cross via Blackheath, and the trains to stop at the station at a place where everyone doesn’t have to run for it.

The next meeting of the Greenwich Line Users Group has been changed to 3rd February.  This group was set up to try and get information out of the railways and to change their minds, if possible, on the changes which will mean trains from our stations not stopping at London Bridge, Waterloo or Charing Cross. The meeting is at 6.30 at Tom Smith Community Hall (opposite Maze Hill Station upside).

Angels – Whispers of Another World. Yesterday, Today and for Heaven.  15th February  10-3 Christ Church, East Greenwich.  www.christchurcheastgreenwich.org.uk

Holy Trinity Church. 9th February Anniversary of Holy Trinity Foundation. Prayer space 11 and Café Pura for a discussion at 3.30.     16th March. Preacher at the Prayer Space to be Bob Callaghan of the Inclusive Church.  1st February concert by pianist Hatty Stubbs at 4.30 plus collection for Greenwich Food Bank.

Thames Discovery have a guided foreshore walk 2nd April. (no details yet)

I made a mega-fuss last week – when I tried to walk from Peartree Way to the Yacht Club there was no lighting at all on the horrid little road the developers have built down there.  This isn’t good for old ladies, like me, or anyone. Council Officers tell me that they have been on to the contractor more than once but they will try to ensure proper lighting is in place for the Yacht Club panto on Saturday.

Friends of Westcombe Woodlands. Volunteer Days 2nd February, 2nd March, 5th April. meet Maze Hill 9.50 am .All enter together, don’t be late

Friends of Charlton Community Gardens – Gardening Parties  at Charlton Station on 2nd March 2.00 (weeding and root clearance); 6th April 2.00 (planting); 4th May 2.00 (general work as required).  Also 2nd April Open meeting and AGM (no venue booked yet)  7.30.14th April 1.30 Family Pot-a-Plant and games at Charlton Station. 15th May 5.30 plant sale at Charlton Station. 14-15th June Open Gardens in aid of Bexley Hospice.

Licensing application:  Golden Union Fish Restaurant.  Entertainment Avenue (aka in the Dome) They want to sell alcohol 11m -11pm all week.  info licensing@greenwich.gov.uk

I am so busy at the moment that I guess I will be back with the next instalment of this in a day or so.  I will also be looking for things to do once I am off the Council.


The pavements, the pavement taxes and much else

There was a comment on my last post that I had not listed out the date of the next full Council meeting29th January 7.00 at Woolwich Town Hall  –   this came from ex-Councillor Paul Webbewood who is clearly so addicted to Council meetings that he now comes and sits in the public gallery to most of them.  Full Council – which is all what most people see of the Councillors’ work – is very formal and often with issues which are difficult to grasp and sometimes pretty boring.  The interesting details which make up the reality of our daily lives can be found in committee meetings – many of which the public can attend but many rarely do.  Which I think is a pity.

But to get back to the Council meeting on Wednesday – one thing on the agenda is the Council’s response to the petition from Greenwich Traders against the so-called Pavement Tax.  Despite all the fuss the Conservatives have been making, it was me that presented the trader’s petition to the Council  the other month.  I had spent quite a bit of time talking to traders in East Greenwich and realised how worried many of them were and how we stood to lose many attractive displays of fruit and flowers in our streets.  Ironically as I talked to them, and to Council officers, it emerged that many of them shouldn’t have worried since they owned or leased their frontages and weren’t eligible for the ‘tax’ anyway.   So  – anyway – it all comes up again on Wednesday and I hope we can come to a sensible conclusion to all this.  I know that the traders have been talking to Council officers about balancing their needs with those of wheelchair users and so on and I hope I can help with that.

Greenwich Millennium Village Residents Association – open meeting for all residents.   I had a great evening in the Yacht Club with a huge crowd of GMV residents talking through a whole lot of issues in their area. Village Manager, Bill Clarke, talked about all the domestic issues – stolen post (oh dear!), new carpets (good), the continuing plumbing leaks (have you seen GMV leaking toilet on Youtube??).   Some questions were asked about the cutting back of some black poplars – this is difficult since some resident want them cut and some don’t.  Terry Fenn from the developer talked about the future expansion of GMV – partly about the barrier blocks currently going up in Peartree Way. Residents questioned him persistently about the tower block planned to be adjacent to the Ecology Centre – still no hard facts though.   There does seem to be some good news about the much delayed playspace though.   Two representatives of developer Knight Dragon talked about their future plans – again to many angry comments from the audience about the small size of community spaces.  Pleased to see however that they have taken on Joyce’s coaling jetty ideas.  There was even more criticism towards a representative of IKEA in his presentation for their plans for a store – nearly all of it disbelief and hostility at the traffic figures given by IKEA.   The meeting ended with Joanne from the Ecology Park talking about some of their future plans, and she was warmly received. She was followed by Naomi about her work at Meantime Nursery – a project on the Peninsula more people should know about.  (I will try and put something later).

Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels.  I have been chairing this group for some months now and we held our second public meeting this week – attended by a large contingent from the Isle of Dogs.  There will be a report on the meeting and a report on the progress of work on our web site http://fogwoft.com/.   The Committee had been privileged to visit the works sites at the two tunnels to see progress for themselves – reports of these fascinating visits are on the web site too.

I am getting complaints about fences at Westcombe Park Station blown down by the wind.  Problems like this on railway property are often a real pain as it is frequently difficult to find out who the person is in the railway world who deals with it.  Residents tell me they ask station staff and get nowhere.  I am trying to get through to the railway on their behalf anyway – and asking Council staff what it is possible for them to do.   On a different railway – the private goods only Angerstein Line – there have also been issues with trespassing kids chucking stones in the road and in gardens.  Hopefully the police are taking that on.


Events for your diaries

30th January Licensing hearing on Hardys Pub in Trafalgar Road.  Woolwich Town Hall  5.30  info Susan.Crimp@Greenwich.gov.uk

16th March  Frog Day – big event at the Peninsula Ecology Park

19th April  Easter Fair in Oval Square 10-4 (if you don’t know where Oval Square is – well – you ought to – a great post modern experience)

7th June  Big Lunch on the Millennium Village   12-6 in Southern Park

Summer in Millennium Village – 14th June – 30th August  10-4 bouncy castle, farmers market and stuff in Oval Square.


31-33 Woolwich Road.  formation of 2 flats and change of use of the ground floor. Info. Jacob.Jaarsma@Greenwich.gov.uk

1 Annandale Road, conversion from 3 to 4 flats.  Info. Jacob.Jaarsma@Greenwich.gov.uk

Another lot of dates, notices and news

23rd January – General Meeting Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels. West Greenwich House, Greenwich High Road  7.30. All welcome

28th January – Greenwich Council Planning Board.  With agenda items on the Brocklebank Industrial Estate, SE7 and demolition of Matalan, Bugsbys Way.  Info jasmine.kassim@royalgreenwich.gov.uk Woolwich Town Hall  7.00

28th January. Council Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel with an item on air quality management in the Borough.  Woolwich Town Hall  7.00  info kevin.Phillips@Greenwich.gov.uk

30th January – Charlton House. 7.30 Open meeting on Keeping the NHS Public. Speakers will include Theresa Pearce MP.

1st February. Harriet Stubbs plays Schumann, Beethoven and Chopin  4.30 Christ Church East Greenwich.  Donations to Greenwich Food Bank  www.eastgreenwichparish.org.uk

20th/21st/22nd February. Sleeping Beauty. Alexandra Hall, Bramshot Avenue. 07867627987  alexandraplayers@gmail.com


Application for redevelopment of the Sainsburys and Comet stores by IKEA . Info Jacob.jaarsma@royalgreenwich.gov.uk


We have been sent some information on the recent fire(s) at Murphy’s Waste depot at Horn Link Way.  This is that 500 tonnes of waste on fire was dealt with by the London Fire Brigade and the cause is under investigation.   The Council has taken enforcement action over the removal of all fire-damaged waste and are continuing with a joint regulatory investigation with Murphys and the fire brigade.    They say they are happy to answer questions

Sorry about the long break

The long and boring Christmas break has left me with a vast pile of stuff I ought to have put out weeks ago. …..  general feeling of fed upness hasn’t helped (rain rain rain)   Had a nice morning yesterday watching Rich with holly on his head pouring cider over trees – best thing for weeks.  Any way …………………… as follows –

Woolwich Road Local Safety scheme.  I have a long list of things which have been/will be done.  I can summarise some of this, as follows, but you really need the proper list for accuracy – cycle lanes on Woolwich Road between Blackwall Lane and Tunnel Avenue 1.5 m wide – making U turns illegal by Combedale Road (hooray hooray) – replace anti-skid surface – replace island at the Halstow Road zebra – remove bus boarder (eh??) outside 22-32 Woolwich Road – replace entry treatments (more jargon, sorry), on Annandale and Calvert – alter road markings.

Victoria Way – 20mph zone – work is likely to start on 13th January

Enderby Wharf – it is understood residents are being asked if they would like to represent their area at a meeting about the site to be held on an, as yet undisclosed, date,   I have asked them for some clarification about this (and also asked about the chimney)  or email them yourselves on info@enderbywharfconsultation.com


TfL has published a cycling vision for London -= consultation document on the Royal Parks is at www.tfl.gov.uk/cyclinggrid  (I have always thought that the essential nature of visions means they are not real)

Someone called Linda Lennon, CBE, has produced a Royal Parks Interim Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.  It suggests you look at their web site (not given in the email I have here)

Planning issues

Lovells Wharf – change of use of Retail unit to Creche in Block 6c Info Louise.Thayre@Greenwich.gov.uk.

Yacht Tavern – use of public highway for seating. Info Mark.Mirams@Greenwich.gov.uk

Meantime Brewing, Blackwall Lane – new floor, extensions, windows, etc etc info Mark.Mirams@Greenwich.gov.uk

Pilot Inn  – lighting for lettering at high level. Mark.Mirams@Greenwich.gov.uk

– and – er Happy New Year

(I did have some objections to the email Christmas message – some objected to me saying ‘seasonal’ not ‘Christmas’ and some objected to it going out at all. You never can get it right)


– and more about East Greenwich

Alcatel exhibition – viewing of plans for reconfiguration of the Alcatel factory – 12th December 5.30-6.30  –  14th December 10-2. Alcatel canteen  Christchurch Way.

Yoga classes – Saturday mornings at The Bridge, East Greenwich Pleasaunce  10-11  www.kristawillsyoga..co.uk

Christ Church – 22nd December 9.30 Family Communion with Scratch Nativity.  22nd December 6 pm Carol Service.  24th 4 pm Christingle Service.  24th 11.30 Midnight Holy Communion.  25th Christmas Day 10 am Family Communion     Messy Christmas  11 December 3.30

Planning applications

North Greenwich Station Car Park – change of 8 parking bays to hand car wash. Info. kemi.erifevieme@Greenwich.gov.uk

Metropolis Motorcycles  150 Trafalgar Road.  demolition and building a 4 storey block of flats  Info. kemi.erifevieme@Greenwich.gov.uk  (isn’t that the old Woolworths???)


Sorry – not much there today – but you are all going to have to get used to doing with out me and my messages sooner rather than later



What I have been doing this last fortnight or so

So – the last fortnight??

I have just got in – Saturday afternoon – from a freezing cold morning in the freezing cold Woolwich Grand at the selection meeting for the next Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich.  Congratulations first of all to the 400-and-whatever-it was members who stuck it all out, listened to the speeches and stood in a long long snakey queue to vote (shall we do the conga? by neighbour said).  I am sure the result is out by now – that we chose Matt Pennycook.  And congratulations to Matt and I am sure he will be a great success and a representative for all of us. Commiserations to the others – but you all did very well, and see you all again – Angela, Annie, David, Len ……..

I was asked to go and see some reconfigurations of the Lovell’s site.  As people will remember the latest application was turned down by the Planning Board following a community campaign.  We would have expected them to go the Bristol Planning Inspectorate, who often back developers and their plans and let them go ahead.  This time however the developer has gone back to the drawing board – but I am waiting to see what local people think about his new ideas before I say anything myself.

As Chair of FOGWOFT (Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels) I have been running round with that. Sectretary Ian and I went to the Council’s main Scrutiny Panel meeting where the Consultants reports on the problems with the renovation work was discussed.  Ian made a speech and asked some questions – report on the FOGWOFT web site.  We later had a committee meeting to discuss The Future and as a result I am setting up a programme of visits for two or three people to see the work now in progress again and report back.  I have also got a speaker on the history of the tunnels for Greenwich Industrial History Society for next spring.

Early one morning last week I went up to Greenwich Park  to talk about issues there.  One problem is that of cars pounding down Charlton Way and running over pedestrians and cyclists crossing into Blackheath Gates.  This was raised with the Council’s Transport Chief on Wednesday.

Petitions.  It has become the thing recently to have on-line petitions rather  than going round the doors getting people to sign.  These are sometimes difficult and I wrote to the Chief Executive asking if we could have some clear rules about how to handle them.  There is one out currently on a certain hotel building – and I have been in touch with the people putting this out .  I am also in touch with a Lambeth based petition to stop demolition of our own ‘Telly Tubby’ Sainsburys, which many Greenwich people can currently walk to.  The petition points out the folly of declaring a new building as ‘sustainable’ and then demolishing it after only 13 or so years.

Highways Committee  –  I was reading in the minutes for this meeting about the decision to try and do something about traffic pounding down Westcombe Hill – and we asked for a report.  We had a very similar discussion this time on Charlton Church Lane.  We also asked for any update on the decision to remove the ‘no right turn’ sign on Kidbrook Lane.  There were also concerns on getting horses for ‘Riding for the Disabled’ across Little Heath.

Finally this week I Chaired a Recycling Review Panel – where we heard about how they do it I Hammersmith and Fulham – but nearer home the great success we are having locally with recycling on the Charlton Triangle Homes sites – and rather less so, I am afraid, on the Millennium Village.

This is all a bit short – a hospital appointment more or less put me out of action for a couple of days.  Sorry – but better now.