A sort of manifesto- my free time since I was not chosen to stand for the Council again

I was elected to the Council for Trafalgar Ward in 2000 and remained  a backbencher for the next fourteen years. That meant that I never had any responsibility for anything, was not allowed to make decisions or to tell anyone what to do. Basically all you can do in that situation is to ask questions – but you learn to do it in such a way that you can move things in your ward forward.

East Greenwich has an intense level of development and much of my time was spent with local communities and individuals on planning issues.  I am only too aware of the disquiet among many people about the future of the area and there are worries about infrastructure and much else.  This is not to do with hostility to migrants or anyone else – it is a concern that a good environment is created and maintained for everyone.

I am currently Chair of FOGWOFT Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels – but I have some free time now and there are things I would like to see happen.

I think East Greenwich needs a voice – as does the Peninsula – and I would like to help to bring that about.

I also think that the riverside area – from Deptford toThamesmead – needs a voice. I am already involved in some groups working on riverside issues, and I know of some others. They need pulling together so they can raise issues with authorities and get some action

Please get in touch on any of this

One thought on “A sort of manifesto- my free time since I was not chosen to stand for the Council again

  1. Dear Mary,
    I have really enjoyed reading your writings about the Greenwich Peninsular . I am especially interested in the history of Boord St and the area which is now used as a distribution centre for the London Evening Standard , next to the gasworks. My great Grandfather , Albert Hudson, acquired the site many years ago and I am researching into his life and why and when he chose Boord St- he lived and ran a printing press in Rochester.He was an ardent socialist and we believe he had an interest in social housing. If you can shed any light on the history of this , I would be delighted to hear from you !
    With best wishes, Sarah Allen

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