Rant about Royal Mail and parcels

Todays rant is about the impossibility of getting parcels delivered by Royal Mail

They come along with parcel at a random time with no forwarning and if you don’t answer the door they leave a card.  Now, I don’t answer because I am deaf and don’t hear the knock – but I might be out or whatever. (agree I need a flashing light thingy – but then you need to be in the same room as the flashing thingy when the postman comes)

In the past you could ring Blackheath Sorting Office you can explain to the nice helpful man who answers about being deaf and ask if they re-deliver can they knock good and loud – and say I will try and sit in the window to watch out for them (but sitting watching all day is not good and not practical either)

BUT – OH NO –  ring up the number on the card now (and listen to blah blah blah automated voice, which I can’t hear anyway – because I am deaf) – but  never get through to the nice men at Blackheath Sorting Office.  You are sort of directed to their automated system – which – again – I  can’t hear the instructions for, and you can’t ask them to knock loudly and explain the problems of sitting in the window all day waiting and watching.

But there is a lady you can talk to – who apologises and apologises and apologises – but doesn’t help at all. And by then I have really, really lost my temper, which I am sorry about.

And they are not allowed to leave the parcel on the step, by the way.

Anyway – what all this means is – I can’t get it redelivered. So – why don’t I go and pick it up from Blackheath Sorting Office????

You see, If I get the bus to Blackheath Village its a very long walk up a very steep hill and a 54 or a 122 for just two stops (not possible if its a big parcel) or its the 386 to the Standard, and change to a 122 (that’s a very long way round) or its 386 going the very, very,very  long way round via Greenwich.  None of that is good.

Why don’t I drive??  There are double yellow lines outside the sorting office in Blackheath Village – and if you are on your own, that means a ticket.

– and, in any case, why should I do all this when someone has paid Royal Mail to deliver it to me?

Ah ha – but they will deliver to ‘your nearest post office’  – BUT – if I ask them to deliver to, reasonably near, Trafalgar Road – they say “no, not allowed to do that, your nearest post office is Stratheden Road”   ….. where???  Even Charlton Church Lane would be better – or, at a pinch, Greenwich High Road – but,  no, its Stratheden Road, or nothing.

So – not sure what to do next – I guess its either pay a parking fine or pay for a taxi.   Leaving all the inconvenience and extra expense with me.

Some years ago there were proposals to shut the Blackheath Sorting Office and move it elsewhere.  The residents of Blackheath Village got very angry – understandably – about ‘their’ post office being closed. There were public meetings and angry lobbying – and, being Blackheath Village, they won, and the sorting office is still there.

I wouldn’t have dared to get up at those angry meetings and say what I think – which is – that SE3 is a large area (Westcombe Park and all of Kidbrooke and what used to be the Ferrier) – and for most of its residents Blackheath Sorting Office is not a local post office, far from it – it is remote and difficult to get to.  For most of us it is not walking distance, there are no convenient buses, and it is a pain.

Please Royal Mail – leave the post office and sorting office for the residents of Blackheath Village, and put another sorting office in which is easy for Kidbrooke and Westcombe Park Residents

Allow postmen to leave stuff on doorsteps

Change the rule about ‘nearest post office’ for deliveries so it means ‘nearest post office’ not ‘nearest post office in your postal district’.  Please let me pick up parcels from SE10 post offices which are just down the road.

Do something about the awful telephone-in-when-you-get -a-card.  I am sure staff would like to be helpful if they could – and remember SOME OF US ARE DEAF.


3 thoughts on “Rant about Royal Mail and parcels

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your problems, but they’re not insurmountable.

    There is car parking in Blackheath, including a small car park opposite the post office. It’s quite cheap, but as a result it can be hard to find a space at busy times.

    The Stratheden Parade post office is up at Royal Standard, a short hop on the 386 away. The postcode is SE3 7SX.

    I hope that may help a little.

  2. It may seem a little crazy but usually for £1 you can get the package redelivered to any post office which would include the one on Trafalgar Road.

  3. Sourav – no sorry – that doesn’t work. I have just had a card through the door from Parcel Force saying they have left a parcel at Stratheden Road. I rang them and basically its ‘tough – its in our terms and conditions’ – no argument, no apology. If I can’t get it from Stratheden then it will be sent back – and no way of stopping them from doing it in the future, or anything at all. Except asking people sending stuff PLEASE DON’T USE PARCEL FORCE OR ROYAL MAIL.

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