The jetty – who has been to the jetty

On Thursday I had two tickets for the opening night of The Boy who Climbed Out of His Face – sadly it was rained off, and a very bad start for a new project.

I went down there this afternoon to see what was going on – hope they do well – but I was the only person passing by on the riverside path who seemed to have ventured inside.   Its just a bit upriver from John Harrison Way (turn left at the end) – and would have been at the end of a road which used to be called Riverway (only they blocked the Pilot Pub off from the river – wish I knew why).

Look – we need a bright interactive riverside – where things happen – and this might just be the start.

I have known for some time that that there were plans by one of the big developers to use this jetty for events.  It is a relatively new jetty built in the 1940s for Blackwall Point Power Station which stood on the riverside, near the Pilot, until the 1980s (have a look at what 853 is currently saying about Park Life).  Ten or so years ago a local community group tried to get a project started to use it as a base for the many preserved smallish boats on The River – workshops, training base, apprenticeships, toilets, a café – sounded good but there were powers-that-be against it.  So – the developer took it on – and here, in a flurry of portacabins is their first show.

The people I met today who are putting the show on are part of a North London based theatre group –  they said they employed a publicity agency, but, honestly, I have seen nothing in our local papers and blogs  One of them said something about people who would come to see the show ‘from Brick Lane’  – well, maybe, but there are more people living locally who would go, rather than a lot of Brick Laneites who have never been south of the River .

I have been running round lately with the Campaign on Enderby House and Enderby Wharf – one of the strongest points we can have for the Enderby Campaign is that at Enderby Wharf we need an interactive busy riverside with things going on, places to stop, stuff to see – not another developer-led-office block and wind-tunnel-generating flats.  Of all our heritages – the River is the most important – so why are we neglecting it, and leaving the riverside to know-nothing-developers.

Sorry to go on about this – look at the web site – and go and see the show, because activity on the riverside is what we need.


PS – don’t know why they keep calling jetties, ‘piers’.

2 thoughts on “The jetty – who has been to the jetty

  1. Went on Saturday, and it was great to see the riverside bustling of an evening. The production is certainly something you won’t forget in a hurry. Even if you don’t fancy that (and it’s only a tenner), the bar is a great spot to have a drink and watch traffic up and down the river. Breezy, though.

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