Charlton and the new Sainsbury’s store

Monday evening I was supposed to be down at the Anchor and Hope Pub for a meeting with the Charlton Stakeholders Group – but the noise from the pub band drove us out and up to the quiet of Charlton Liberal Club.
The Group consists of representatives of local amenity and action groups
in North Charlton and meets to discuss issues around the new Sainsbury’s/Marks and Spencer/Travelodge sites in Woolwich Road.
Most of their concerns are around traffic and transport – as well as
building site management, noise, amenity and so on.  More details to come.  The Group hopes to move on and discuss more issues with relevance to North Charlton as time goes on

One thought on “Charlton and the new Sainsbury’s store

  1. I am concerned with the plans for woolwich road, I heard that due to developments in charlton, woolwich road will be downgraded, is this true? I am planning to buy a house on woolwich road but I am now having second thoughts, I was not aware of the issues concerning the development and increased traffic.

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